Aesthetics quartz worktops are rather expensive. Composed of 92% quartz and acrylic resin, the material has better impact and heat resistance (up to 200 ° C) than natural stone.

To this mixture are added decorative pigments. Non-porous, it does not absorb water, coffee and wine. No need to use corrosive products, the stains are easily cleaned with a little water and soap.

If it does not fear high temperatures, be sure to keep pans coming out of the fire away from the work surface. The heat causes cracks and distorts your work plan.


>> Our advice: in case of loss of shine, use a shine activator to restore its luster.


Also called composite materials, they perfectly imitate natural stones, such as granite or sandstone. The best known synthetic resins are Corian®.

Mixture of mineral powder and acrylic resin, this material is very soft to the touch and is renowned for its solidity and its excellent resistance to shocks. As hard as stone, it is very difficult to scratch a resin worktop.

Smooth and seamless, it withstands high temperatures (180 ° C). It is easy to clean with a damp sponge. With a hundred colors available, this material has something to seduce. Other synthetic resin worktops include Silestone®, Caesarstone® and L3S®, among others.


>> Our advice: quickly clean the stains of wine or coffee to avoid encrustation. When it seems dull, the surface can be glossy to find a second youth.


The price of a granite worktop can be discouraging but in the long run the investment is more than profitable. Material very hard, granite will accompany you for many years.

Strong, he does not fear heat or scratches. It is easy to maintain with a sponge and soapy water.

Veined, plain or speckled, polished or satin, granite presents a wide variety of colors and finishes.


>> Our advice: do not use abrasive products to clean it. Vinegar and lemon will have to be diluted before being applied on the work plan. Once a year treat it with an oil repellent water repellent.


Praised in designer kitchens for its ultra contemporary look, the glass worktop fascinates with its brilliance and elegance. This aspect does not fade and remains stable over time.

Hygienic and insensitive to stains, it is also non-porous. Lacquered under the surface with a layer of colored enamel applied on the back of the plane, the glass offers a wide choice deco level.

Before cracking for its surface while transparency, weigh the pros and cons. The glass is indeed very fragile and does not withstand shocks or high temperatures. Its resistance to heat is 120 ° C maximum.

The glass is cleaned daily with a sponge and hot water. If you are equipped with ceramic hob, do not bother investing in a special product for your worktop. The cleaners used for your plates are suitable for glass.


>> Our advice: avoid leaving kitchen tools or any other object that could scratch the work surface. To clear fingerprints, use alcohol vinegar.


Fusion of enamel and stone, the lava is glazed and baked at over 900 ° C. Due to its strength, lava is one of the strongest materials.

She is not afraid of shock or heat. There are two types of lava worktops: untreated lava rock and treated. The raw lava stone being porous, it is imperative to waterproof it.

Once the worktop has been treated, all you have to do is use a sponge and soapy water to clean it.

Gone are the days when lava was black or anthracite. Today, we find all the colors. New on the market and still rare, lava worktops are quite expensive.


>> Our advice: clean the spots immediately. Although resistant, the lava might absorb them. To banish, vinegar, lemon and bleach.


The laminate worktop is not the favorite material of the French for nothing. Inexpensive, it is resistant to heat (up to 180 ° C) and shock. It is water-repellent and non-porous and does not require any specific maintenance. A sponge stroke is enough to eliminate stains.

Colorful, imitation stone, wood, metal, ... side decor, there is something for everyone. The laminate worktop has an excellent quality / price ratio.


>> Our advice: if it is resistant, however, take care to preserve it of too aggressive maintenance products which could spoil it. Similarly, avoid placing a dish out of the oven on the worktop. Finally, to slice your vegetables use a cutting board otherwise you will scratch it.